How to make a customized printable calendar

Though there are many calendar apps available, many people still prefer to have a physical calendar which everyone can check without using an electronic device.It is now possible to make a customized calendar using the easily available templates for Powerpoint online. A subscription to Microsoft office 2018 is not required, anyone can login and download the calendar template. Microsoft PowerPoint 2018 is the most suitable software in Microsoft office for making a calendar which can be printed, as images can be easily inserted, templates which are downloadable and drag and drop features. The four step process of making a calendar is described

Select a template
Microsoft office has a gallery of calendar templates in Powerpoint. The user can either download a template on his desktop for modification or use the browser for customizing the calendar. If the browser is used, the user will have to login to his Microsoft account

Insert images in the calendar.
The user can either use his own photos in the calendar, or down free stock photos from any stock photo website. The default images can be modified using the change picture option. Tools are available for aligning the photos along the edges. However the maximum size of the images uploaded is 6 MB

Add relevant events in the calendar
One of the main advantages of making a custom printable calendar is that important dates for the user like birthdays, deadlines, religious events, holidays can be easily added . Each day in the calendar has a text box, which can be modified if required to include custom details of the day for reference.

Printing and exporting the calendar
After completing editing of the calendar to include images and events, the calendar is converted into printable format, using the print option available. A PDF file is generated which can be printed. However it is important to select the paper size properly on the printer, so that the calendar is printed properly . The calendar will be saved to Onedrive automatically for those using the browser. It can be also saved in ODP (Open document presentation) and PPTX format for editing at a later date