Google Earth

Google Earth is a very helpful tool for everyone to see the locations of countries, cities, oceans and places. It can specially help Geography students in understanding the details that they study in their courses. The tool shows the high quality images of many places and buildings. But it is capable of intruding the privacy of countries. Just like every other thing it has both advantages and disadvantages. It all depends on a person how he uses it.

Google Earth is developed by Google in order to provide 3D structure of the earth based on satellite images. Some of the great features in this are, it provides 3D street view, where people can use it to find their location and to find the way for their destination with accurate distance. In short, it acts as a virtual GPS with street views allowing the users to identify the places more accurately. It also allows user to zoom inside ocean and view below the surface with the images provided by the satellite. In their latest updates, Google also increased the resolution of some oceans allowing the users to see more clear view inside the surface.

Apart from just earth and happenings on earth, Google Earth also provide views of outer space such as sky, Moon and Mars through which the users are able to view the surface of the moon with much clear resolution. Also the features of Google Earth includes flight simulator, where users can feel the first person view of driving a flight as a pilot. It can be used by people around the world for educational purpose to get to know more about the surface of Earth, ocean, Mars and Moon.

Google Earth Pro is the product of Google Inc. that was initially named as EarthViewer3D. Different versions of this app have been developed for working in an efficient way on Web browsers, desktop and mobile sets. It displays the satellite view of Earth and lets us zoom into or zoom out for viewing the top view of the world. 3D images of building and streets are also available to see the significant places of the world. It is a free tool that can be downloaded easily on all the supported devices.

Google Earth can be downloaded and used on all the systems that run on Windows, OS X, Linux, Mac OS, Android or iOS Operating Systems. It is a freely available software that can be translated in 45 different languages from all around the globe including English, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Russian, Turkish and more. Due to the latest updates it is not compatible anymore with older versions of hardware and operating systems.

The layers section indicates how many indications will be displayed in the map of earth. They help users choose how they want to view it. There are sub categories too for further specifications. The layers list includes oceans, roads, 3D buildings, weather, gallery, places, borders and many more. The history and records of your visited places can be stored as well that will help you go through the maps of those places by going to the history section in the Search drop down menu.

With this software you can easily check the places that you want to visit, can share your GPS location with anyone, see the land below oceans, see the world’s famous place in the form of 3D images and can access the street view for particular locations.

Though Google Earth is a freeware but its Pro version was introduced at $399.99 annual fee with many advanced features. Now it is free too. It is mostly used by business organizations due to the additional features of video making, GIS data importer, printing modules and area measurements. Another version, named Enterprise, is capable of performing selective tasks for the particular business industries. Its Automotive version has been integrated recently with the tracking system of Audi R8.

Google Earth is considered to violate the basic privacy rights. Since images of many sensitive places from a large number of countries are accessible to every app user, therefore it can create problems for their security. It is also said to be used by many thieves in order to get familiarize with the structures of buildings.