Extinction Game

This is a game by Iron Glaxy released on 10th April 2018. Extinction Game is available for play on PS4, Xbox and PC. It is agame whose protagonist is a warrior (Avil) who flies, sprints and uses sacred energy to fight against the giants who are threatening the civilization of the people. Your aim as the player is to help the protagonist accomplish his aim. This will involve killing the giants called Ravenii. The trick is that these can only be killed by a blow that hits the back on the neck. To accomplish this you will have to jump and slash to injure the limbs and remove the armor protecting the giants.

There are different levels whose tasks differ from each other. Some actions you can expect are saving civilians by teleporting them (there are teleport crystals for that), killing several ravenii and/or their minions and keeping structures intact. The aim is to ensure that Avil and his people do not become extinct. You lose the game and risk becoming extinct when you fail to stop demolition of buildings and prevent civilian deaths.

The creatures in the game are brought to life by the nice scenery the game is set in. This game will involve a lot of reflexes and is considered fun by many people. However, there are those who believe the developers could have done better. They say that the game is repetitive and is not worth the AAA rating the developer gave it. Most people however applaud the great and unique concept.

Extinction Game is a good pass time but if you enjoy challenging and extremely involving games it may not be the game for you. It is costly and so you need to be well-advised before you spend your hard-earned money on it. While a few love the game, some say it is not worth the high price tag (it is mid-budget). The game is however still new and may get better with time as developers solve bugs and other complaints. We can only wait and see.