Cache Cleaner

In computing, a cache acts as an intermediary component between the main storage and the recipient source. What this means is data retrieval, or fetching of files becomes faster without having to slow down the CPU. For example, have you ever noticed that the initial start-up process of a program or an app say, the camera app may take longer as opposed to subsequent visits to the same app.

However, there comes a time when the residual memory files become overwhelming enough to slow down the device functionality as well deplete storage space. As such, the need to clear these files arises for better efficiency. The cache cleaner takes care of the cached data as well as other junk files that may exist from residual installations of apps. Several other apps exist with the same functionality: some being cheap knockoffs or others ending up using even more storage space than the intended space it’s supposed to free up.

The cleaner is yet another tool from the famous Frozen developers who are famous for some of 4 star rated apps on the Google Play store. Among their famous works include the Periodic-table for students all over the world as well as Artwork. Released on December 20th, 2013, the app has come a long way with periodic updates rolled out as frequently as possible.

Verified by Play Protect, the app doesn’t have the much-bloated software. In fact, it’s probably one of the best cleaners in the market right now. Moreover, it doesn’t demand much hassle in its installation. The short description it offers in its market strategy isn’t much when compared to other cleaners in the market. Its 4.3-star rating out of 5 lets it speak for itself. So what exactly makes it stand out from the rest of the cleaners in the market?

Straight off the top, the cache cleaner is an open source tool. This means that the Frozen developers were kind enough to share their source code with the general public for improvements and modifications since it as Android-based. If that isn’t trustworthy enough then what is? Interested coders and developers can find its source code at Another interesting feature of this amazing app is that it doesn’t require root. Rooting is the process of allowing free use and control of an android’s subsystems.

What this means is that if you have a new phone, you don’t need to do anything that would void its warranty to make use of this app. Nevertheless, rooting is a delicate process, and enough care should be taken to ensure that the phone doesn’t get bricked in the process as this would incur huge losses. Another great feature of the cleaner app is that its ad-free. A lot of internet-based apps mostly rely on ads as their source of revenue. They subject their app to various ads that in turn pay them a certain percentage of views by the consumer. This can be quite a menace, especially when trying to get things done fast.

The cache cleaner offers unmatched ad-free services all over the world. This means that the app isn’t just available in the United States only but also all over the world. Its services can still be enjoyed while traveling to various destinations all over the world. Another advantage of the app is that it’s really small and doesn’t take up much space as other apps in the market.

As a result, it offers fast, efficient, smooth running with almost all android devices. Compatibility issues are a thing of the past since the app can integrate smoothly with all devices. From android version 4 Kit-Kat to the latest Android-8 Oreo, the app’s functionality remains unchanged. Furthermore, in old android versions app can clean even internal memory caches: something which mostly requires root functionality.

That though a new broom may sweep clean, an old one knows all the corners. The cleaner has very little limitations to its overall performance. Some of the challenges discovered by its continued use are bugs. While the developers work tirelessly to fix any errors in the coding, an app wouldn’t be complete without a few bugs here and there even after testing.

One of the major bugs experienced by the cache cleaner was app crashing especially on Android-5, Lollipop. This had something to do with their new and improved security features. The Kernel received an upgrade that saw limitations of most penetrative apps. In addition to all this, users with Android version 6, Marshmallow or higher had new improvements in their memory capabilities.

Among them being an inbuilt cache tool that can clean all residual files upon request. This rendered the cleaner almost useless. However, a counteractive feature that the cleaner has over the inbuilt tool is its ability to clean even external cache. This a feature that only high-end devices come. On the same note, the cleaner is only available on the Android platform. IOS users have their Apple-based optimization tools and cleaners that work with the same concept.

Overall, the cache cleaner is a great tool for getting rid of annoying bulky files that don’t seem to get deleted upon uninstallation of unwanted apps. It’s a great device optimizer that ensures that the functionality remains unchanged no matter how old the device is. Its ability to work even without an internet connection makes it even advantageous to use.

Most app cleaners come with CPU cleaners and RAM boosters. Other companies have even integrated antivirus features to offer greater protection against unwanted unauthorized entry. Moreover, some of their offers include a captivating system UI (User Interface) that ends up making the app bulkier than it should be. Disabling these functionalities becomes a menace in case you do not require them completely.

The cleaner is a really simple program and doesn’t require any online tutorials in its run-time. On installation, it automatically scans the files and sieves the useful from the residual data. It gives a downtime description on the available memory, used and space taken up by a cache with the option to optimize either of them. Finally, the app allows for even further customization with the ability to check on individual apps cache memory.