BitTorrent 2018 is not a program, but rather a platform for downloading files with the help of a peer to peer sharing system. Once transferred, the files can then be downloaded using BitTorrent clients, which are specifically designed for this task. A few good examples of BitTorrent clients include uTorrent, Transmission, and Vuze. To use BitTorrent, the user will first need to download a BitTorrent client. Next, he or she will need to look for a torrent, and there are plenty of them on the internet.

A few good examples include the Pirate Bay, TorrentSpy, and btjunkie. An excellent way to find a good torrent is to pay attention to the number of “seeders” that it offers. Seeders are people who are willing to share their files with other users. As a general rule, the more seeders a torrent site has, the faster the download speed will be. After the user has downloaded their chosen torrent, they will need to open it using the BitTorrent client then pick their save location. They can then start downloading their files using BitTorrent.

why has it become the favorite of many?
It is a unique platform through which, online users can share and download files of different types. Based on an integrated sharing system, users from different parts of the world can use it at the same time. BitTorrent has made it very easy to download files quickly. You can download books, documents, movies, songs and many other different types of data. It carries a user-friendly interface that delivers a smooth experience to the users. Downloading and accessing content has become a straightforward process with the help of Bit Torrent. If used safely there are no hassles or security risks attached to this downloading software.

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Every torrent user or provider is always seeking a client that can work fast and download with a favorable speed. In most cases, some of the clients are heavy and slow in downloading. BitTorrent is wonderfully designed to offer speedy and reliable downloads whenever needed and at every time. You can easily choose a torrent of your choice, search it on the web through your easy-to-use option and once the download is complete, you can open it with the BitTorrent client to start enjoying it. This is easy and very available in many search engine options.

The fact that you can choose how to make the BitTorrent software appear for personalized use is an advantage that many users prefer. You have many options to make it what you would like the skin to look like, the background, some graphics features and other features that may interest you in one-way or another. This further eases navigation and effective data exchange through the client. This client also offers bloggers a chance to host some of their data and other important materials that can be stored on it. Bloggers can track some functions from this host as it allows downloading of files from other platform supported by the client direct.

The bandwidth limiter is also an important feature that users consider beneficial in complementing the clients to its performance. It will adjust the bandwidth usage according to your network. Apart from these, installing BitTorrent client is also a snap.

• Dynamic bandwidth management – download without disrupting other applications
• Detailed stats on the health of media files provides a safer, more controlled experience
• No hardware configuration – reduced hassle of fast downloads

Why it became popular?
Downloading files was a real headache a few years ago. You had to search various websites and then find the right source. Sometimes, you were unable to have the right format or type of file that you required. But now it is very easy to download stuff from the internet. BitTorrent is efficient, equitable and fast. We can say that it is the right software tool for downloading files from the internet as; you get hold of the original files, can choose the right format, cancel or hold the download at any time.

There are a lot of other interesting options that make it easier for you to download a file according to your convenience. It means that you can even download files if, you have a shaky or a slow internet connection. There is no need to worry about the download, as it will complete in some time (depending on your download speed).

What about the user interface?
To be honest, the user interface might not appear much attractive. But it is equally organized, carries a modern design and is intuitive. There is a main screen that allows you to see downloads that are active or inactive.

Main BitTorrent Features:
• Lightweight client.
• Local peer discovery.
• Multiple simultaneous downloads.
• Configurable bandwidth scheduler.
• Global and per-torrent speed limiting.
• Quick-resumes for interrupted transfers.
• RSS Downloader.
• Trackerless support (Mainline DHT).
• Always Spyware-Free.

What are the BitTorrent pros?
• It is supported by a wide range of different operating systems
• Very easy to install and use
• Offers a high range of customization options
• Does not make other programs on your system slow
• You can assign a specific download speed to the file that you are downloading
• Videos can be paused or canceled at any moment

What are the BitTorrent cons?
• The interface is not much visual posh.
• Copyright content is often shared in an illegal manner, but you must know how to download the stuff legally to make the most out of it