Battlefield Game

Battlefield is a series of first-person shooters which has become a worldwide franchise. The first release of Battlefield game came in 2002.

The company responsible for the development is EA DICE and the publisher is Electronic Arts.

Battlefield Gameplay in General
The game offers players to experience large online battles. This shooter has become extremely popular because it offers playing in squads.
Such elements of the gameplay have inspired a lot of features for Battlefield. Since the first release of the game, players have been praising its tactical aspect.

Awards Given for Achievements
When Battlefield 2 came into the market, the game took a slightly new ply. The players received an intricate system of awards for applying their skills and being brave during battles.

Owing to this system, you could receive various rank promotions while playing online. They were given for such achievements as killing big amounts of enemies, surviving for a long period of time and so on. The reward could be a new weapon unlocked as well as all types of medals which you could boast to other players.

Interaction with Other Players
At first sight, it may look like Battlefield game is a standard shooter. Partially it is. The game offers you to use various weapons in order to defeat your enemies. You can also chat with your allies and make strategic decisions which give you a lot of opportunities to feel like a real soldier.

One of the particularities of this series is that you can use a knife to engage your opponents in melee combat. This feature was developed further in Battlefield 2142. Starting from this release, players can attack dogs with a knife. The award is a stylish looking dog tag.

Single-player vs Multiplayer
In most cases, Battlefield offers both modes. When playing alone, you are supposed to go through mini-sandbox-style levels. You can use tanks, boats and other vehicles as well as a limited amount of commands.

Multiplayer retains these features mostly but also offers you to choose between playable factions and use more commands.