Android 9 release

Google is planning to make inroad in markets share of Apple through major interface changes in Android P with its Android 9 release and likely to get launch in Pixel 3, later in August or September 2018. As per Bloomberg, ‘Pistachio Ice Cream’ is its internal name and official name could be based on some confectionery and desserts name.

Features of Android P-Android 9 release: The main features of its includes:
1. High Quality Material Design: It will more likely be simple, flat and colourful as Android’s web interfaces looks is usually based on appraising material design that was introduced along the line of Android 5.0 L in 2014 and since then, this concept has not gone through major changes which was a massive success for Google. Along with providing a cohesive experience for the users, Android P material design overuses colours, shapes and images with extensive animation. However, Android 9 will be more streamlined, emphasising more on animation to make it more tougher.

2. New User Experience: A blend of Google Now services, it will be more seamless, fluid and engaging experience with automation to unlock phone, searching and locating app, pushing relevant notifications based on users current activity and then take actions etc.

3. Google Assistant momentum: Android P’s Android 9 version will incorporate Google Assistant into their apps. Its centralised User Interface (UI) will be the central hub for all connectivity and operations, and together with Integration of Artificial intelligence powered speakers, voice interface, Natural speech engines, activity based data collection and its prediction will give it a huge lead over others.

Uses: Here are the main uses of Android P, 9 release:
1. Easy and better animations with more clear framework animation creation is possible for app developers.
2. Overcome fragmentating developer experience of creating ‘own animation’ app.
3. Empowers and gives more flawless control to users on their devices.
4. User will have highly convenient and most efficient UI that provides centralised activity control.