AirVPN is an open source VPN service that is essential for keeping network secure against potential threats. It was developed using the source code of OpenVPN and is providing efficient functionalities to facilitate users. Though it lacks efficiency that is essential in VPN applications, yet it is a useful product that can help you stay safe while performing tasks on network. Internet is considered to be relatively unsecure as hackers can easily find paths to enter into your system and fetch information. Therefore, a reliable application must be installed that can keep your PC safe from such threats and ensure privacy.

In a VPN service, the servers are used for changing your location for accessing content which is available only in specific parts of the world. AirVPN provides access to around 200 servers. These servers are present in 18 countries including Australia, Canada, Belgium, Latvia, Germany, Hong Kong, Romania, Spain, Ukraine, United Kingdom and more. The users mark the score for servers according to their experience. You can check these scores and acquire most suitable one. The software also displays number of connected users and existing load. You can choose servers that are less loaded for faster processing.

It has reserved a separate section where the details of service can be viewed. It notifies whether the connection is successfully established or not. Moreover, you can also view name, location, latency, load and users of the server to which your system is connected. Download and Upload speeds of VPN can be checked for taking necessary steps. You can get information about connection, login credentials, total downloads or uploads with VPN, VPN port, VPN Gateway and VPN protocol. It also notifies you of session activities, available updates, server time difference and paths of application and profile.

The users can easily specify their requirements under its Preference menu. Protocols can be chosen on the basis of desired security level or connection quality. Proxy servers are only available for HTTP, Tor and socks protocols and you can configure these for your PC. Advanced settings let you enable expert mode, IPv6 and Pinger and to choose TCP/UDP buffer size. You can choose the location where logs should be saved, select OVPN directives, modify startup settings or reset default settings.

AirVPN is a secure service that hides your IP address from intruders. It allows you to perform online tasks in peace by avoiding their logging. It supports encryption techniques to keep your data transfers private. You can use it on multiple devices after paying mentioned fee. It is a powerful tool that is capable of protecting your PC against online threats. Though it is a useful product; however, user feedback is not very positive.

AirVPN is an effective VPN resource that is important for your PC in multiple ways. Not only it performs encryption of data that is being transferred via network, but also enables you to switch to servers from other countries for hiding your actual location. Hence you can browse internet, send private messages and download content with mental peace.