Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is complex software, which comes with diverse capabilities and editing tools. With the help of these editing tools, you can give a new meaning to your pictures. Adobe Photoshop is well-known for its usability, support options, sharing capabilities and vast range of editing tools. All those, who are related or working for the photo editing industry know that Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is the ideal photo editing software. The Elements 13 version is now the best option, as it consists of advanced editing tools. There are special tools for enhancing, fixing and editing your photos to the next level.

Editing Features

There are three different types of editing modes from which, you can choose one according to the nature of your work. The ‘quick edit’ is for the beginners, ‘guided’ for the semiskilled and the ‘expert’ level is for pure professionals.

There are different sets of tools for each level. In the first mode, you will find the basic tools like: crop, zoom and color correction.  In the second mode, you will find some interesting common adjustment editors that come with a detailed tutorial. Beginners can take help from the guide and edit photos accordingly. It’s a good source of help for the professional photo editors also. Don’t worry about trying some new stuff. Adobe Photoshop will help you out with the process. As said above the last level is for professionals, as they know how to make use of the creative tools and advanced editing options. There are over a hundred filters to choose from for adding color and texture to your images.

Professionals will love the Content Aware Move Tool through which, they easily move people and objects in the picture.

Apart from basic editing, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom also helps in organizing pictures. You can easily import sort-out and rate photos. With the help of this tool it is actually very to manage albums according to the pictures included, type, name, date, location and even time. This feature is linked with other software of Adobe Company.  The supported image formats include animated GIFs, PDF, PSD, GIF, PNG, TIFF, JPG and RAW. There is no difficult now for publishing images online, according to a particular size and format, as Adobe Photoshop has all the required resizing tools.


As the trends have changed over the internet, the process of sharing has gained a lot of importance. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom now allows, you to post edited pictures to different social media platforms like: Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, etc. directly. There is an option for creating an online link for the album that; you want to share with your family and friends. You can use Adobe Revel for accessing photos from different locations. If you don’t want to share the pictures, just get a print at home.